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Adikted now useful!

Yup, my level editor is now in a useful state. I hesitate to say it's finished, but it's pretty close. Go to the download page to find out more and download it.

Hi, pull up a chair... if you've been interested enough to come here at all, the chances are you'll want to stay a while - I hope.

This page is the home page for any "extras" I write (completely unofficially) for Bullfrog's recent hit game, Dungeon Keeper. It is in no way meant to advertise Dungeon Keeper, blah blah blah... look, I'm not commercial, 'kay?

My main project is a text-based level editor, Adikted, and most of the page deals with this, but I've also written a few other bits and pieces.

With that out of the way, welcome to the page. I'm hoping it'll be a resource for other Keeper hackers - I'll put on a description of the format of as many of the level files as I can, and expand on the files as I discover more about them.

Please note that I am in no way related to the other major editor, Unded, although I hope to share information with its authors - put it this way, I'm getting as much info from them as possible. :) This is a GUI editor (mine is text based), and well worth a look. Thanks also to Michael Keane, whose DK Hacking page first got me started.

Quick other mention: Fizzban's Dungeon Keeper page is as good as they get. As far as I know, this is the best maintained and most popular unofficial Dungeon Keeper site.

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