Script (.txt) Files

Dungeon Keeper Scripting Language

General notes

This is a pretty simple scripting language, or at least so it appears. I don't believe there are any loops or jumps, and condition testing seems to be simple. The are only three statement forms - conditions, commands, and condition terminators. Conditions are naturally nested, but that's about as complicated as it gets.

Each line contains a single instruction. Whitespace in the form of spaces and tabs is ignored. Comments begin with REM. I believe all unconditional commands (ie ones outside any condition statements) are executed at the beginning of the game, then ignored. All conditions are checked at regular intervals, I imagine.

A program to provide some basic editing for script files is available in the utilities package.



Party commands

Availability commands


Creature attribute commands

Information commands

Artificial intelligence


Unknown commands

These commands are in the binary but don't appear in any of the original scripts.


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