Graphics Extraction

Programs to extract the animations, static graphics and terrain blocks are available in the utilities package.


The animations are now available for download from this site:

File formats

(Many thanks to whoever it was sent me this data... I can't find your name in my email logs, so please mail me if you want the credit!)

There are five different types of file used for graphics in Dungeon Keeper (as far as I know): raw picture, animation table, picture table, picture/animation data, and palette.


Simply raw data, one pixel per byte. No palette or size information given. These are all stills.

Animation table

Used in conjunction with a palette file and an animation data file. Each record (one per frame) is sixteen bytes long:

Picture table

Used in conjunction with a palette file and a picture data file. Each record (one per picture) is six bytes long:

Picture/animation data

Used in conjunction with a picture/animation table and a palette. Arranged in chunks of variable length, the offsets being given in the table. Picture data files have the first 2 bytes in a picture with size 0, this is actually the number of entries in the table.

Each chunk:

This pattern is repeated until end of picture is reached.


256 triples of red, green, and blue values, from 0 to 63. Most "standard" picture formats (eg bmp) use values from 0-255, so it's worth multiplying by four when writing an extractor

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