Some commonly used formats in Dungeon Keeper:

Location Format

6 bytes: sx tx sy ty sz tz

tx and ty fully describe the position. They give the subtile horizontal and vertical positions, counting from 0.

sx and sy determine the position within the subtile. Effectively this gives a vast range of possible positions, but usually decorations will want to be placed either a quarter or half way away from the edge in each direction.

sz and tz give the hight of an object. tz is the number of cubes above ground level (note there is usually one cube above ground level, forming a floor). There are up to eight cubes in total per subtile. sz gives the height within the cube.

Subtile Map Format

256 lines, of which only 255 are used.
256 entries per line, of which only 255 are used.
This format is pretty self-explanatory - each subtile has an entry, and the file should be read in lines of subtiles: Ignore the idea of tile - it isn't applicable here.

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