My sermons, etc - stuff I've done when local preaching

This page has been put up so that those who wish to critique my sermons can do so. Any feedback is welcome.

I now have a Faith Blog for non-preaching thoughts about my faith.

I've included a bit of detail about what the hymns and readings were, but not the rest of the order of service, which may have included other mini-sermons by other people (eg my mentor, Patrick), children's addresses etc. I've started giving sermons from notes instead of a full script quite often now, hence the frequent gaps in the dates below. (I preach roughly once a month.) In spite of usually preaching from notes now, this is horribly out of date. I will attempt to bring things up to date when I have time. I don't expect that to be soon though.


I've taken to occasionally writing my own songs and hymns for services, particularly if there's a theme I'd like to cover which isn't quite expressed in any of the existing songs and hymns I know. These are usually set to a familiar tune (as I'm certainly not a composer). They're all available under a Creative Commons Licence, so please feel very free to use them in your own church. I'd appreciate feedback if you do so though!


Likewise I've now written a sketch, and expect to write more. Again, anything here is available under a Creative Commons Licence.

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