Finlandia: within God's hands

Tune: Finlandia (Singing the Faith 419 or 621)

This wasn't written for a specific service, although it was first sung for the service of January 10th 2021. It started with the tune; everything else was driven by that. Originally I wanted to write something on grief, before I realised I don't have enough experience of grief to do justice to the topic. Instead, this is intended to be a hymn that's suitable during the Covid pandemic, while people are really struggling, but that will also be usable when we come through to the other side. It tries to recognise challenges, while putting trust in God's eternal love and goodness.

The hymn doesn't really have a good title at the moment. I've always thought of it as just "my Finlandia hymn" because it's so closely tied to the tune. I wouldn't want it to be known as "Dark clouds may come" as that misses the optimistic side of it... so "Finlandia: within God's hands" is what we've got at the moment.

1. Dark clouds may come and block out all our sunlight.
We feel alone; neglected or unheard.
Within God's hands, we find a place of safety;
where we are known, and loved for who we are.
Within God's hands, we take our rest and comfort;
regain our strength, prepared to serve afresh.

2. We have our doubts, we shout our disagreements,
our heartfelt views can threaten common bonds.
But as God's Church, we work for what unites us:
the love of Christ; the grace that reaches all.
And as God's Church, we join our hands together,
walking with God, in humble, joyful steps.

3. Beyond our doors, the world feels ever bleaker.
The ravaged earth, the wars, disease, and hate.
And yet that voice which whispers through the stillness,
calls us to hope, to trust in God alone.
That Holy voice, the Spirit deep within us,
awaking prayer and action in God's name.

4. For God is Lord, the universe-creator,
the Holy one, inspiring awe and praise.
God's love will reign, that Love that came among us,
Immanuel, God's love in human form.
God's love will reign, and we will see God's glory;
at one, in wholeness for eternity.

Licensed under the Creative Commons Licence.

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