We will walk with Christ before us

Tune: Cross of Jesus ("There's a wideness in God's mercy")

This was written for the 9 o'clock service at Tilehurst Methodist Church on March 28th 2010. See the service's page for more details.

1. We will walk with Christ before us,
Live with him this Holy week;
Enter in the sacred story,
As we deeper insight seek.

2. Share the rightful jubilation
As he's carried through the gates.
Share the passover together,
Knowing his arrest awaits.

3. Feel the shame of crowd-led fury,
As our lips condemn the King;
Watch him stumble as he carries
All of human suffering.

4. For it is in such retelling,
That this tale becomes our own;
Thus may we claim our salvation,
When we come before his throne.

Licensed under the Creative Commons Licence.

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