W:A Training Games

(If anyone has any corrections on any of the figures, I'll be happy to hear about them!)

Basic Training

This comes in three stages, one per medal, and there are three tasks per stage.

Bronze stage

Grenade skills grade 1
Both targets can be hit with grenades with 1 second fuses. The second one requires full power or slightly less; both require quite low angles. (In fact, you can hit both targets using the same angle if you're lucky.)

Shotgun skills
Just shoot the targets - not a lot more to be said, really. When you're shooting down, get to the edge of the girder first, otherwise there's a chance you'll hit the girder and hurt yourself.

Bazooka skills grade 1
First target: Full power, low angle
Second target: About half power, facing right but nearly vertical - the wind takes the shot.

Silver stage

Rope grade 1
Use repeat swings here - press space to come off the rope, and space again to fire another time. You should pick up the baseball bat in the crate without coming off the rope, then continue to the target, where you drop off the rope, select the baseball bat, aim and fire. See the weapon tips page (when it's up) for more details on the ninja rope.

Grenade skills 2
The first two targets are the same as before. The third one should be destroyed with a 2 second grenade fired at about 45 degrees and just under full power. Remember that you can fire more than one grenade at a time.

Using Firepunch
You need to combine jumping with firepunching. Stand under the crate, select firepunch, hit backspace twice to do a backflip, and when you're at the top of the jump, press space. This will perform a firepunch from where you are, enabling you to collect the crate, which gives you two more firepunches. You can then punch the targets in much the same way. For the last one, you don't need to use a backflip - try a "straight up" jump, given by just hitting backspace once. (In fact, you may not need to jump at all; I haven't tried a standing firepunch.)

Gold stage

Rope grade 2
This is quite similar to grade 1. Collect the dynamite from the left hand side of the screen, then make your way over to the target on the right (using repeat swings). Select the dynamite by pressing F5, then when you're over the target (preferably not moving much), press return to drop the dynamite. Land on the middle platform again, and watch the target blow up.

Bazooka skills grade 2
First target: full power, about 40 degrees from the horizontal.
Second target: full power, slightly lower.
Third target: about half power, facing right and just off vertical.
Fourth target: full power, and very shallow angle - the bazooka will skim the surface of the water before hitting the target.

Grenade skills grade 3
The first three targets are as before (except with the first two the other way round). The fourth target requires a full power, 4 second grenade aimed just below the corner formed by the girders abouve you (ie about 30 degrees from the vertical). The final target can be hit from below with a 1 second grenade at a slightly higher angle and about 75% power.

Times for awards on other levels

The medal you achieve on a training level is determined by how long you can survive on it. You start off with a certain amount of time, and gain time by shooting targets or collecting crates, while the timer ticks away... The table below shows how long you need to survive for each medal. (Note that the bronze medal times are guessed at slightly... they're never explicitly stated.)

Level Initial time (s) Bronze Silver Gold My record
Super Sheep Racing 35 1:30 2:30 3:30 1:13:44 (2250 crates)
(Gave up with time spare
- effectively endless)
Rifle Range 45 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:06 (about 55 targets)
Crazy Crates 60 1:30 3:00 4:30 4:47 (58 crates)
Artillery Range 50 1:30 2:30 3:30 4:57 (85 targets)
Euthanasia 60 1:30 2:00 2:30 5:10 (72 women)

Tips for individual levels

Super Sheep Racing

Map of training area

The key here is to learn the pattern of the crates and get into a routine. There are 19 crates in the pattern, and only one of them is actually tricky to get without blowing up - number 12 on the map. It's quite possible to increase your time by about 5 seconds on a good run of the pattern.

After collecting each of crates 3 and 13, blow the sheep up as you have to go all the way back to the right.

Rifle Range

Shoot the targets in the air wherever possible. If you have a slow PC, try borrowing a better one or taking your team to a friend's house (using wabackup - see the programs page) as the extra degree of control you can gain is vital. Hit space and then aim to save time - basically keep firing the whole time :)

I'll put up the pattern and some more hints another time.

Crazy Crates

Um, no hints as yet - it's not that hard. Keep swinging, basically :)


As with Rifle Range, it's worth playing this one on a decent machine. Use 1 second fuses for almost every target - you can hit most of them in the air.


The best weapon on this level is the bazooka. This can get all but a few of the women. With practice you should be able to get each of these first time. There are three exceptions. The first is the woman right down to the right of the bump to your left (I'll put up a map and label the pattern some time :) - she should be killed with a cluster bomb or grenade. The others are the tricky ones on the far left and right hand sides of the map.

If you just want to get gold, you can use the homing missiles and airstrikes to get these. However, it's possible to kill them with cluster bombs if you want to get a really good time (you don't have enough homing missiles and airstrikes to keep going otherwise). The one on the right is easier (I find) - use a one second fuse, aim about 15 degrees above the horizontal, and fire at almost maximum power. Keep firing these in quick succession until you notice one has hit - you have to be lucky with the clusters, but you don't have to wait for one to finish before firing the next. To get a good time I usually hit the ones on the right with clusters and the ones on the left with homing missiles/airstrikes - by the time they've run out I'm usually out of time.

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