Frequently Asked Questions about Worms: Armageddon

1) Black screen problems


Launching the game, the screen goes black and your modem starts connecting to the net (note: you may not notice the modem bit; try the solution anyway!). W:A then hangs and you have to reboot.


Go to the Start Menu, and select Control Panel from the Settings part. Double click on Internet, then select the "Connection" tab.

If it has an option to change the connection type from "modem" to "local network", do that. If it has "Connect to the Internet as needed", make sure that option is turned off.

2) Keyboard lockup


During the middle of the game, your keyboard sometimes locks up completely.


You probably have a mouse with a scroll button in the middle. Disable this button (possibly using the Mouse icon in control Panel, possibly using the software that came with the mouse) or use a different mouse.

3) It lost my teams!


Every so often, you lose all your teams, usually after a crash.


Use the team backup utility from my W:A programs page. Note: this may not work after the patch has been released.

4) When is W:A being released in the US?

We don't know yet. Hasbro are pretty much denying any knowledge of the game, and T17 don't have any further information (it's out of their hands, I guess).

5) What are the cheats?

As far as anyone knows, there are no type-in cheats for W:A - all the cheats have to be earned in the single-player modes. For a list of how to earn which cheat, visit my cheats page.

The password box referred to in the manual is not in the game - it was taken out shortly before release.

6) How do I do the firepunch training level?

You need to hit the crate first, by backflipping and then doing a firepunch at the top of your jump. For more detailed instructions, see my training page.

7) How do I get past (insert your problem mission here)?

Visit for a full mission guide.

8) I'm having problems with my video card...


The screen is flickery, sometimes the game crashes with a DirectX related error.


Some problems can be cured by mucking around with the hardware acceleration for your graphics card either using dxtool.exe (which is usually in c:\Program Files\directx\setup\ or by changing the value in the Display Properties | Settings | Advanced Properties | Performance tab. (To get Display Properties, right-click on your desktop.)

9) WormNet doesn't work!

Unfortunately, you'll probably have to wait for the patch before WormNet becomes reliable. At the moment, some people can use it sometimes, others can't use it at all.

10) How can I improve the sound quality?


Some of the sound effects (can't remember which, I'm afraid) sound awful.


If you have an AWE64, you need to turn off the reverb. Here's how to do it (courtesy of Mr. Flump):

11) What's in the demo?

The demo contains (from memory - someone correct me if I'm wrong):

WormNet is not included in the demo, but may be in a future demo. You cannot change options or save your teams, but you can change resolution.

12) Does W:A run on NT?

Nope. No-one's managed to get it running on NT, and there are no current (public) plans to support NT.

13) How come I don't get invisibility even when I've given myself ammo?

Even with the cheat, you can't get invisibility in non-network games (despite the manual's "three players or more" line).

14) Why doesn't the banana bomb cheat work?

The banana upgrade cheat doesn't actually turn your bananas into super bananas - it just increases the damage done by normal bananas.

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