W:A Cheats

Weapon cheats

Laser sight ammo Complete mission 4
Jetpack ammo Complete mission 8
Fast walk ammo Complete mission 13
Invisibility ammo Complete mission 16
Low gravity ammo Complete mission 20
Banana->more powerful banana upgrade (not super - text is bugged) Complete mission 33 (final mission)
Super sheep->Aqua sheep upgrade Gold on Sheep Racing
Longbow upgrade Gold on Euthanasia
Enhanced shotgun Gold on Rifle Range
Enhanced grenades Gold on Artillery Range

Game Options

Blood Gold on Basic Training
Indestructible landscape Complete mission 25
Invincible worms Elite on Deathmatch
All crates are sheep Gold on Crazy Crates


Completing all training missions with gold medals, completing all of the single-player missions (with at least most on gold - there are varied reports on exactly what's needed) and achieving the Elite ranking on Deathmatch awards you an extra option scheme called "The Full Wormage". This gives you infinite supplies of all weapons (including the special ones), with maximum power for each, all the weapons cheats enabled, and the Blood game cheat enabled.
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