Praise to the Lord, who from everyday, earthly lives calls us

Tune: Lobe Den Herren ("Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation")

This was written for the 11am service at Kentwood Methodist Church on January 25th 2009. The Bible readings for the service were Jonah 3:1-5, 10 and Mark 1:14-20. There's not a lot in my sermon notes which isn't already obvious in the hymn...

1. Praise to the Lord, who from everyday, earthly lives calls us:
Follow God's will for a newfound and heavenly purpose.
Dare we agree?
What might this new challenge be?
Find your unique form of service.

2. God has used people for mission through history's span.
Why would we think that just now he's stopped talking to man?
Answer the call!
Prophets and priests, one and all.
No-one is outside God's plan.

3. Are you afraid? Are you scared of the task set before you?
Mission impossible - surely God's asked too much of you?
Why should you fear?
God's Holy Spirit is near!
Just let the power shine through you.

4. We are just vessels, it's God's might that's truly displayed;
Miracle workers are just normal people who've prayed.
Make the first move!
God will all doubters disprove:
Faith will be richly repaid.

5. Christians united! We answer the call that God sends us.
Prayerfully trying our hardest at what is before us.
Voices combine
Praising our saviour divine,
Swelling the heavenly chorus.

Licensed under the Creative Commons Licence.

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